All that is good (and bad) about Pure London

Its not only another milestone for our fledgling brands but a great honour to be stood next to some of the most respective fashion brands in the business. For all of you that haven’t heard of or ever experienced Pure London, its probably the best fashion event for the trade buyers currently in the UK. The other trade shows such as Moda or the Spring Fair may disagree but we wanted to launch our wholesale collections at the right show to suit us and so we chose Pure London.
Now I have previously attended the event as a buyer but have never exhibited and blimey….how different the 2 sides are!
The show itself is extremely well organised and you can spot ‘the old pro’s’ a mile away by the trolleys they cleverly bring to carry all of their equipment and the show ‘virgins’ by the red faces at having to carry everything by hand up and down the lift about 10 times!
Anyway, our stand wasn’t in the best location for what we really wanted to achieve but we were blessed by being next to some of the nicest and most genuine people in the business!
One of my old gripes with the fashion world has always been the lack of generosity and goodwill shown by so many who see personal success as a greater achievement than being creative or ethical in everything you do. Well some of my faith has been restored by our experience at Pure and in particular by meeting 3 companies who shared our space at Olympia.

The first is ‘Envy Jewellery’, a fabulous wholesale company selling the most stunning jewellery (and yes, we were so impressed by them, we have now launched them on our website). The 2 owners of the business are sisters and they could not have been more welcoming to us! They were obviously very experienced in setting up their stand as it took them almost a quarter of the time we did and they had a bigger stand! They made our time at the show more enjoyable by their humour and generosity of spirit so thanks to them, it is truly appreciated.

The second company is ‘MissShorthair’, a wholesaler specialising in scarves and again, we were so impressed by them and their products that we are now also ranging their scarves on our website. These guys were amazing, they do all of the shows, one after another and they truly work it hard everyday.

The last and by no means least is ‘Ollie&Nic’, a handbag and accessory company who have been established for over 10 years. One of the owners was not only generous with her time but also made me realise that maybe we are doing the right thing and that fortune does favour the brave so keep going!
So a massive massive thanks for making our 3 days not only enjoyable but also very rewarding.

It was also a great opportunity to finally get to meet a huge number of our Twitter friends, sometimes it is brilliant to put a face to a twitter feed and finally meet all of the amazing people that you have been talking to, sharing with and laughing with for so long! Some of them were exhibiting and some even came to the show specifically to say ‘Hi’ to us so we couldn’t be more grateful for having amazing friends. #createnotcompete

And so why have I added ‘the bad bits’ into the title, well there were moments during the first day where I thought ‘what have we done’ and ‘why have we spent so much money’ simply because it is a very daunting experience to launch your new product in the midst of brands who have been doing it for years and hoping you are accepted! We did have a great show but if you asked me if we would do it again then I may have to wait before I gave you answer! Why, well I am not sure if I prefer attending the show as a buyer or an exhibitor yet although as an exhibitor you do get to ‘people watch’ a lot more and believe me…..the fashion pack are an amazing group to watch but I think I best leave it there….enough said!

Take care,

Nikki x

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