First blog of the New Year – 10 things you didn’t know about me!

Happy New Year!

A great way to kick off the new year…this blog has been inspired by a great friend of Fred&Eve – Stevie Couch.
She writes the fab blog called ‘ A Cornish Mum’ and has asked other bloggers to list facts about themselves to help everyone get to know them better!
So here are mine…..

1. I am mildly obsessed with Forrest yoga!
After a back operation in my twenties, I had to find something that would challenge my fitness and flexibility and Forrest ticks all of those boxes and more!

2. My favourite food ever is Cheese….any type, hard, soft, blue…even stinky, I just love it!

3. I am a trained beauty therapist!
Whilst on maternity leave, I decided it would be the ideal time to try something new as obviously looking after a baby wasn’t challenging enough (ha ha), so took a course at the local college! Have never used it but can pluck a mean eyebrow!

4. This may not be such a shocker but I am very very obsessed with handbags! Having owned so many and realising that I could actually make a living doing what I loved, Fred&Eve was set up! I feel the luckiest person alive doing what I love and having new challenges every day!

5. My favourite place in the whole world is Cyprus! We have been going for the last 10 years and it never lets us down with not only the weather but also the people and the relaxed feel that everyone has there.

6. My creative inspirations are Stella McCartney and Emmanuelle Alt! Both ladies are at the top of their game and do it with an effortless style that I am simply in awe of !

7. My favourite book is Pride&Prejudice…I have now read it over 20 times and I see something new everytime!

8. I have 2 beautiful children and the most incredible husband who are my life!

9. I have a Blue Peter badge for a poem I wrote when I was 7 years old

10. My trip of a life time will be to drive down the west coast of America in a Winnebago

And so that’s mine, I am not sure if it gives you a clear idea of me but it may make you smile a little bit!

And now I pass the baton to you guys – over to you


Nikki x

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1 Response to First blog of the New Year – 10 things you didn’t know about me!

  1. Thank you Nikki! So glad you did this and I’ve enjoyed learning more about you! Especially the blue Peter badge I am sadly very jealous of this!! ☺xxx

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