2014….over already?

Its that time of year again and doesn’t it come around too quickly?

2014 is nearly over and 2015 is 48 hours away…..but are you ready for it?

For me, 2014 has been an absolutely exceptional year…we launched our own handbag labels and we have met some amazing people along the way, what more can I ask for ?

Well you know what, I can ask for lots more and certainly will do…..my dreams and wishes keep getting bigger and bigger with everyday and I hope that’s the same for all of you!
The end of a year and the start of a new is a great time to reflect, be grateful and dream for what is round the corner whether 2014 has been good or bad!

Our year here at Fred&Eve has been amazing and one that will never be forgotten!
Our 3 new ranges were launched and have so far exceeded our wildest dreams! We have met some amazing companies who share out vision and dreams and will hopefully be part of everything we do in the year ahead!

We have had our tough times too but the one thing that keeps this ‘engine’ going is our customers! Every sale, every comment, every review shows us that we are doing it right and our handbags are putting a smile on someone’s face!

And so to 2015, well what a year we have ahead of us, we are due to launch our wholesale range at Pure in February at Olympia so if you are in London then pop along to stand W4 and say hello!
We are also hopefully going to break into the US which will be simply amazing as its a tough market so keep your fingers crossed for us!
And we will of course be growing and developing our 3 fabulous ranges so you will have more beautiful handbags to choose from!
all 3

The end of a year always causes people to reflect and be grateful but we here at F&E are truly truly grateful for all the support we have had from not only our customers, our friends in the handbag world but everyone we have met on Twitter and Facebook! You guys have left us speechless with your generosity and wish you even more success in 2015!

And so HAPPY NEW YEAR…..we hope all of your dreams come true!

See you in 2015!

Nikki x

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