When it comes to gifts, forget diamonds, because handbags are a modern girl’s best friend.

Whether it’s for Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day or “just because”, what self-respecting girl would turn down a shiny new handbag?! We have created a brand of beautiful, high quality designer-inspired handbags that every girl will love. The designer look doesn’t have to mean designer price either as we really believe in style and quality at affordable prices.

With their great quality, workmanship, classic exterior style with a fun, colourful interior, all our handbags are perfect as a gift. For mum, daughter, girlfriend, wife, aunt or bestie, and don’t forget there are three distinct collections to choose from, providing a choice of beautiful handbags to suit every hand!

A self-confessed handbag addict and tired of buying beautiful but useless bags, I have developed my own system of selecting and designing handbags:

All of our handbags are appraised at design level using our own 26 point “handbag usability factors or HUFs. This ensures they are not just stylish, but also suitably useful and practical as well.

And all of our handbags are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside and feature colourful, contemporary, contrast linings to give each bag some extra pizazz!

So remember….a handbag really is a girl’s best friend and you can’t have too many of them!


· Fred&Eve – Classic, styllsh, quality. A range of high quality leather fashion handbags. This eponymous collection of timeless, stylish and functional designs is aimed at women who want contemporary style without being restricted by short-lived fashion trends. This range is for a woman who is self-confident, has her own style and prizes elegance and quality above everything.

· SaintB – Fun, contemporary, stylish. A range of high quality faux leather handbags with an easy style, combining a laid-back joie de vivre with a clear statement about the individual. Stylish, practical and fashion aware, the SaintB girl knows what looks good on her, but is not easily seduced by fashion trends. She appreciates quality, style and value for money.

· TrulyRocks – Young, edgy, budget conscious. Full of high street appeal with the uniqueness and desirability that comes from a new and exciting label. The TR girl sees things from a different angle. She’s full of life and she TRULY ROCKS! She has an eye on the fashion world and likes to stand out from the crowd.
trulyrockscarousel a

Take care, Nikki x

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