Is it really Christmas again?

So the advents are open and the kids have started to get that simmering excitement that you know will simply grow as it gets closer to the day when the big fat jolly man arrives with his big sack! And how do you feel about it, how do you feel about the month where all of your money seems to evaporate even when you haven’t got your purse out? How do you feel about the fact that even though you have tried to reduce down your alcohol intake because its the right thing to do, you are given a valid reason everyday for a glass of fizz? And how do you feel that you are getting closer to the end of another year and another year older?


Well let me tell you how I feel……EXCITED, really really excited! I love Christmas, I love the fact that people smile more, I love the fact that the children are so excited they almost burst, I love the fact that people get a chance to be with family and friends that they wouldn’t normally bother with or have time for! It all sounds sickly sweet but I love the fact that we have the chance to ‘reset’ our lives every year with the hope for the new year! We get to dream about the possibility of a better year ahead of us every twelve months without fail, and sometimes it really helps!
To be honest, the religious side is wasted on me but I do want my children to understand the religious relevance of Christmas and that giving presents isn’t just something that the Argos catalogue was invented for! The only sadness I now have is that my children are growing up and I am waiting nervously for the comment ‘but Father Christmas doesn’t exist, so and so told me at school’! I know its coming and its a natural part of growing up but as a parent, you really don’t want your kids to ever grow up really do you?


So as the Christmas trees go up, the Christmas songs start to be played on the radio and the xfactor finalists vie for your attention so they can be the Christmas number 1, I realise that I haven’t bought one present, one card or even started to think about what I will be getting anyone! As I said, I do love Christmas but I wish I was more organised, I wish I was one of those people who started shopping back in the summer sales (you know who you are) but I’m not and so I depend very heavily on the internet and next day deliveries and crossing fingers and toes! Which is ironic considering I own an internet business but maybe I can use the ‘too busy at work’ excuse again when I forget to read my children Christmas lists before I go and buy them the wrong thing?

With all of this said, the weather is getting colder, the christmas food adverts are being shown more frequently and the weekend is nearing when we need to do our annual search for the Christmas decorations and the realisation that our tree lights still don’t work…or that just us? Christmas is coming so roll on the old sentimental films, the huge amounts of chocolate you try not to consume and roll on Christmas morning when you wake up feeling happy even if you have a slight hangover from the night before spent wrapping presents into the early hours of the morning and not realising that you were the only one drinking that bottle of wine! Roll on the scramble of the kids into your bedroom telling you that they did actually hear Santa’s sleigh bells honest and roll on the best day of the year!

So to all of you reading this and thinking baa humbug….I challenge you to not smile when you see the face of your child/loved one/mum when they open their present and realise that you were listening to them and got them that special something…I challenge you not to feel warm inside when your elderly relative thanks you for making the effort to come and see them and really meaning it and I challenge you not to sing along with Slade, even though you try hard not to!


Nikki x

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