5 minutes of Fame! Everyone should Youtube!

It has been an excellent week at FAE HQ, lots of things going on with our new brand launches and with Christmas around the corner, it certainly is fun in our office! And so when our Commercial Director suggested that we launch our own Youtube channel I not only choked on my coffee but asked him when he would expect this to happen! Anyway after he explained the reasons why it was a good idea and had poured me another coffee, I realised that it was not only a good idea but an essential tool for getting our customers to understand why we have the bags we have and why we think they are wonderful!

As a small online company, we simply do not have the large marketing and PR budgets that the larger retailers have and need to find other ways to show our customers our products and all of their amazing features. Online is a ‘must have’ for any retailer, big or small but where the larger retailers benefit is that they have a ‘bricks and clicks’ model so customers can touch and feel the products before they buy if they wish. The masters of this is John Lewis as they not only offer an amazing range of products but they have many routes to market so satisfying all of their customers requirements. Their website is one of the best out there and their stores are easy to shop with amazing customer service both online and in the stores!
As you can tell, I am a fan, in fact a huge fan because I think they ‘just get it right’ and I truly applaud excellence in companies who know who their customers are and never try to be something they are not (are you listening M&S)!
Anyway based on all of this ‘evidence’, I was persuaded and so we are now officially on Youtube, so check out these links to see me at my first attempts to explain the features of 2 of our signature styles!

Now I know you will be kind (I think) but I actually really enjoyed talking about our bags and really hope that came across. As an online business, other than dealing with customer delivery queries etc, you very rarely actually get to ‘sell’ the features and the wonderful details of the handbags! I love talking about them so this now to me is a must and a joy to do! I will get through all of our bags but I would be really interested in finding out what you guys think and if you think it adds some thing to your shopping experience?

I think that every small retailer needs to be more flexible, more daring and simply more imaginative if they are to stand up against the ‘big boys’ and the internet truly allows us to do that without breaking the bank!
And so, look out for future ‘clips’ as there will be more….unless the BBC discover me first!

Nikki x

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