Real Entrepreneur?

Multi billionaire Henry Kravis describes a real entrepreneur as ‘somebody who has no safety net beneath them’! The word entrepreneur makes you think of a brave, bold individual who has risked everything they have for their belief or passion and their mantra is and always will be ‘fortune favours the brave’!
So my question is simple…..does any of this describe Victoria Beckham ? Of course it doesn’t so why on earth was she given the enviable title of ‘UK’s Entrepreneur of the Year’ ? She has possibly the biggest safety net of any millionaire and has had many ‘passions’ from being a singer to a professional WAG to a designer so which one should she have been given this title for? There is no doubt that she has been instrumental in building one of the biggest celebrity brands in the world and for this she should be applauded but how on earth anyone can call her an entrepreneur when she has nothing to risk?
My gripe certainly is not with Victoria herself or in fact her work as a designer as I quite like what she or should I say her team are doing but it is with the fact that I just don’t think she deserves it! She has proven that she can reinvent herself again and again and again and if her fashion label failed then she wouldn’t lose her house(s), her money or even her credibility although she tested this when she released her first solo single!
She has enough money to throw at anything so whatever she decides to do next then she can simply employ a team of people to make her succeed. She wouldn’t have to raise any finance, sell her house , beg, borrow or steal to realise her dream like true entrepreneurs have to do on a daily basis.

I am in a fortunate position to meet real entrepreneurs everyday, who have risked so much to achieve their dreams and I applaud these brave people who have faith, determination and drive to face every challenge and take it on again and again! These are the people who should be recognised for what they do, and not someone who frankly could open a chain of stores and sell cardboard because it has her name on it! Anyone remember her first perfume that she endorsed….I do and I still find it hard to believe that she had actually smelt it before she agreed to do it, it was not pleasant!

Ok, I know this appears to be a bit of a bashing but I feel very strongly that start up businesses are not supported in the UK, they are only on a political agenda when there is an election looming and this type of PR stunt really doesn’t help the cause!

So come on Victoria, do the decent thing and give the award back or alternatively give it to the huge team of people you have supporting you as they do deserve an award for creating you…..whether you are a singer, designer or ex-WAG….they have done a very good job!

Nikki x

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