Is it me or are the Kardashians really interesting to watch?

Celebrities are strange creatures…..wanting to be a celebrity should automatically prevent you from becoming one in my opinion! However some of them are almost too interesting to miss!

Believe me, I am not normally a fan of celebrity watching……most ‘celebrities’ who are in the press all of the time shouldn’t be and the ones who you would be interested in finding out more about have more dignity than appearing at every opening of an envelope!

However there are a few programmes that have captured my interest recently which I will admit to…even though it is through gritted teeth! The first and this one I don’t mind people knowing about actually is ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here’! The connected humour of Ant & Dec who make TV work look effortless and never formulaic is simply brilliant and should not be dismissed as primetime rubbish! They really deserve their position in TV history so well done to them! Ofcourse, the other reason I love it is that I find people gagging hilarious…..truly hilarious! Not sure why but seeing a ‘d-lister’ choke on a crocodiles testicle really tickles me !


The next programme which I have recently started to watch and have secretly become obsessed with is ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’! Now I know what you’re thinking but please hear me out!

I started to watch the programme initially to see what all the fuss was about but then became mildly obsessed with Kris Jenner’s story and how she has directed her large brood into the position of national treasure without them actually doing anything to deserve it other than being amazingly beautiful and driving amazing cars!

The fact that this family have had a film crew following them for 7 years is one thing but to have their family arguments, discussions etc shown to the masses leaves me speechless! Could you do it, I’m not sure I could!?

Even though they have certainly made their millions doing it, I am not sure I could have a camera in my face when I discuss my mum’s affair or show the intimate details of my therapy sessions! Now I know that some of it is staged for the programme and that some of the footage is definitely  ‘acted’ out for the benefit of the cameras but even so, after only watching it for a couple of weeks, I now feel as if I own and personally know all of the Kardashians/Jenners and that I want to be part of their lives, but maybe that is the purpose and why it is so successful?

So all I can say is congrats to Kris Jenner and Ryan Seacrest for pulling off possibly the best reality format ever and keeping it new and interesting! I will probably be disowned by all of my friends and family for saying it but I am really motivated by being shown that anything is possible and anyone can live the lifestyle if they just put their minds to it!


Nikki x

PS – if any of the Kardashians would like to discuss this further then I am available to fly over to LA at any time!


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1 Response to Is it me or are the Kardashians really interesting to watch?

  1. judith says:

    very interesting. I will still be your friend cos unfortunately i am also hooked! thank goodness we dont have sky! they are awful people with ego as big as they get! but we still keep watching!

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