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Warning, it’s old news!

I guess it’s a relatively new phenomenon. In the old days, yesterday’s news was only good for today’s fish n chips! The news had no longevity at all. You could argue that this remains true today….but not in the virtual … Continue reading

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Cutting edge

I’m lucky enough, in my job, to have to spend hours looking at, researching and enjoying handbags and purses every single day. I’m so lucky, it’s difficult to even see it as work sometimes….but that’s another story. Today I’ve been … Continue reading

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Travel bags……the good, the bad….and the downright ugly!!!

So we are weeks away from the great escape…the summer holidays,  and now is about the time you start to deliberate about what to pack and ask the impossible question….will I get it all into the pathetic 20kg allowance and … Continue reading

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How to survive Wedding Season….!!!!

So last weekend I attended my first wedding of the season! I must admit that I am a little out of practise now as most of my friends are already married so am having to rely on nieces/nephews/children of friends etc … Continue reading

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